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With iComply you're always in control

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Total compliance workflow
iComply leads you through setting up and checking of all dental compliance, GDC, NHS, employment law, HTM 01-05, MRHA, everything in dentistry. There are over 400 templates built in, ready to download and use when you are prompted to.

Know where you are
Through your own dashboard you will be able to delegate tasks and monitor from one to one hundred practices wherever you are. You will know what needs to be done, what has been done and who has done it.

Save time and money
Because iComply is simple to use and comprehensive, it takes the worry and complexity out of compliance. CODE does the work for you, keeping the templates and application up to date and the app tells your team what to do and when to do it. This not only saves staff time and money it also solves your compliance headaches, so that you can get on with looking after your patients.

Compliance reports built in
You can easily print off a report to show how you meet the old CQC standards as well as the new Fundamental Standards. Print off a report as a gap analysis or to impress your inspector.

Benefit from quality management
Each iComply annual cycle engenders continuous improvement of your care and service. iComply is built around a clinical governance framework, so you don’t need to think about how to do it, just follow the steps. Quality management inspires your team, builds patient loyalty and fulfils your requirements for good governance.

Enjoy full CODE member benefits for support and success
As an iComply subscriber you enjoy the full range of member benefits, including expert support and advice for practice management, business growth and compliance just a phone call away. You will also have the members’ magazine and email newsletters, savings from the CODE Buying Group and free tax investigation insurance. Read more about the benefits of CODE membership here.

Why choose iComply?
The experience of opening and running a chain of practices, and of supporting 2,500 member practices for 35 years has been distilled into iComply. There are products that may look similar in the market but iComply is not only a workflow for practice management and compliance and contains the latest CODE modules it is also a quality management system that leads to continuous improvement. The team are told what to do and when, and you always know where you are. You will recoup the monthly cost of iComply many times over through staff savings, increasing efficiency and freeing up of your personal time.

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